LATEST TV: Who else woke up this morning with only one thing in their mind? “It’s Easy Street and it feels so sweet!”


The Walking Dead Season 7 continues to surprise fans with yet another episode without the sight of Rick and friends, but instead making us witness the poor plight of Daryl who is being mentally tortured by Negan’s gang.

“We’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet, cos the world is but a treat when you’re on easy street…” is lyrics to a song that has stuck in my mind for the last 24 hours.  Damn blast the writers for putting such a song in my mind and in millions of others.

But if you not as sad and twisted like me and tried to Google who sang it, then let me tell you, its a band called The Collapsible Hearts Club and its just been released online for those who want it as their ringtone or something much worse.

Digital Spy reached out to the writer of the song, Jim Bianco asking how he got involved in The Walking Dead.

“Exactly how the song got into their hands is a mystery to me. But when they heard it, the show reached out and asked to use it.

“I didn’t really understand why a show like The Walking Dead would want to use such an upbeat, over-the-top, in-your-face ‘happy’ song but now I understand – to torture someone, of course.

“I think the show used it brilliantly; framing such an upbeat song as a torture advice is a work of genius by the music supervisor. We’re happy to be a part of such creative use of music in such an iconic show.”

There you have it.  The Walking Dead returns next Sunday with a special long episode in which we are finally back with Rick and the gang, but for all you twisted lot, here’s that song once more:

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  1. Such an irritating earworm. Doesn’t help that I’m under the weather at the minute, so had a Walking Dead inspired fever dream last night. As a form of torture, they couldn’t have picked a better song.

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