I actually expected it to be a big hit due to all the controversy it caused, but, while not a total and utter flop, the Ghostbusters remake did disappointing business at the box office, and it was rather pathetic the way Sony kept on saying that the film was a commercial success for some time until the figures couldn’t be denied any more. They didn’t even have China to save them as they banned the movie [lucky Chinese]. Talk of a sequel begun almost immediately after the film hit cinemas, partly because – I think – the surprising number of fairly positive reviews [seeing so many film critics who obviously didn’t like the film much try their best to praise it, to avoid being called sexist, totally and utterly shamed the profession], but it eventually fizzled out. However, writer/director Paul Feig is still hopeful. As he said to the Daily Beast:

“That’s up to the studio because they have to pay for it. Nobody’s called me. But I love those characters and I know they are now heroes and mean a lot to a lot of people, so in a perfect world it would be great if we could see them bust more ghosts, kick more ass, and be awesome again”.

Personally, I think that the only way to get a half-decent sequel would be to remove Feig altogether, as he was most responsible for the shambolic, unfunny fiasco that was the first film. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are all contracted for two more sequels if Sony decides to make them, and I feel that they could both be funny and make a good team with decent direction and writing…though it’s probably best if they all just give up.


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