BREAKING NEWS: UPDATE: Carrie Fisher in criticial but now stable condition in LA Hospital! HCF sends our wishes!



Some positive news is flitering through regarding Carrie Fisher who suffered a severe heart attack a few hours ago.

The latest update is from her brother Todd Fisher who only a few minutes ago has confirmed that Carrie is now out of “emergency” and is now stablised at a LA Hospital.

This sad news has been the main topic on Social Media and within the news outlet as millions of fans all around the world are sending messages of support to the iconic Star Wars actress.

We bring you more as it breaks!


This was our original story from earlier

She is a woman who is loved by millions, her character Princess Leia, a symbol for many fans out there, but tonight news is breaking that actress Carrie Fisher has suffered a severe heart attack and is in critical condition at an LA Hospital!

Reports are stating that the Star Wars legend went into cardiac arrest just a few moments before her London-to-Los Angeles flight was due to land in Los Angeles and CPR was performed by an EMT on board as life-saving measure.

The news has shocked everyone all around the world as this breaks and being big, huge fans we all at Horrorcultfilms wish her all the best and hope she pulls through in the next few hours!




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