After just having got over that poor first trailer for the new version of The Mummy which unfortunately confirmed my suspicions that it’s going to be another CGI-filled action romp rather than….you know….an actual horror film, here’s some Universal Monster Universe news that I can be more positive about.

When Dracula: Untold was soon to hit cinemas, Universal announced thay they were doing some reshoots to align the film with their classic monster revival initiative. The only obvious evidence of this in the finished film to me twas the final shot, though it’s possible that there were other additions. I thought the film was pretty terrible and for once I seem to be on the side of the majority as it wasn’t well received and flopped at the box office. Since the film’s release Universal has been a bit indecisive as to what importance Dracula – or at least this version of the character –  would have in their cinematic universe.

Well, now we have our answer, and it tells us that Universal are understandably hoping that people will just forget about Dracula: Untold. Screen Rant was at a recent event for the premiere of the trailer for The Mummy when Alex Kurtzman, who is basically spearheading this whole project, was asked if Dracula: Untold is still part of the Universal Monster Universe. His answer was simply….”No”. This can only be a good thing, and I’m sure that the Count will appear in a different incarnation soon in another film anyway.

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