We hear a little something about a new Gremlins movie every now and again, usually from star of the first two films Zach Galligan, but it does seem to be a bit [just a bit] further along now. Talking to Bleeding Cool before a special screening of the original at the Prince Charles Cinema in London, Galligan gave an update on the current status:

“Chris Columbus has been aggressively working on a Gremlins 3 that takes place in present day. He tantalisingly says there will be some new characters and some old characters – I guess in the style of a Force Awakens type sequel. Carl Ellsworth has also been apparently working on the script for a year and a half now. If no new names start appearing on the IMDB listing then that means they like the script. If new names start appearing, y’know Kevin Smith appears, it means it’s back in rewrites with a new vision.”

He also repeated what Columbus, who apparently wants to do it partly because he didn’t like Gremlins 2 [Boo!!!] has already said:

“There will NEVER be a remake. There will NEVER be a reboot. There will only be a sequel.”

Galligan insisted that Warner Bros is keen, and said that there’s a “decent chance” that he’ll be in it. No news of a director yet but if Joe Dante turns down the job [they’ve got to ask him] I reckon Columbus will do it.

I’m not sure about all this to be honest – I love the two Gremlins films that we have but it’s been a long time since they were made and movies like this have changed – and not always for the better. For me, one of the most important things will be how they do the Gremlins. I certainly don’t want CGI creatures all over the place, I think it should be puppets with the only CGI to be perhaps used for long distance shots of Gremlins walking and running around. But we’ll see….

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