Latest Movies: Rogue One has finally screened for the critics! And the response is?

Not long now Star Wars fans!

We are under a week away from Disney’s first ever stand alone film of the classic saga and the excitement is building.  Critics have had the privilege of watching the film at a special Los Angeles screening and while they are embargoed from releasing a full review, they are allowed to put a small snippets of their thoughts on Social Media!

So what did they think?  Get ready fans because news is coming through that the film is everything we wanted and maybe a bit more!

Here are a few quotes:

“Crazy happy to say that Rogue One is tremendous. Great mix of classic and brand new, and it’s fun and thrilling throughout. Be excited!” Eric Eisenberg

“ROGUE ONE had me from the opening to the very end. Incredible action mixed with a script fans are going to love. Going to make people happy.” Collider

“ROGUE ONE is FANTASTIC. Incredible action, both planetary and interstellar, and looks GORGEOUS. Most importantly, it feels like Star Wars.  Obviously no spoilers, but Gareth Edwards completely nailed the tone and feel of Star Wars. It’s dark and dirty, violent, and totally works.” IGN

“Hands down the most violent and gritty Star Wars you’ve ever seen and it’s better for it. It’s for kids who grew up on SW Cinema Blend

“1sr Rogue One review. It was actually AMAZING!!! Super fun & exciting. Ties in w/episode 4 perfectly”  Rainn Wilson

Excited much?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits U.S. theaters on Friday, December 16!



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