Latest TV: Has STAR TREK just spoilt an upcoming death in The Walking Dead? Spoiler Alert!

Most people in The Walking Dead don’t stay alive and with Season 7 being one of the most brutal since the AMC Show began, fans are speculating who will be next when the show returns in 2017.

No one expected that Star Trek of all things could well have given fans a sign of who is next to say goodbye as the much loved show late night, announced who is going to be their new lead star and the new commander on the new Star Ship Discovery.

Spoilers ahead so be warned:

Spoilers ahead so be warned:

With Star Trek Discovery all set to hit our screens some time next year, casting is underway for the new team to lead us into the Final Frontier and the makers have picked Sonequa Martin-Green to be the new head, following the likes of William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.

Now all fans know that Sonequa Martin-Green plays Sasha in the Zombie drama and while the report suggests that she will share the two roles, we all know that if this new Star Trek becomes a massive event and with its fan base there is no reason why it shouldn’t, then it be hard for the talented actress to keep up with the demand of trying to appear in both hit shows.

Only recently we saw the character Health disappear into the mist as the actor Corey Hawkins has left the show to become the new Jack Bauer in the upcoming 24:Legacy, so can Walking Dead fans expect the same for Sasha?

Only time will tell, but what a massive coup for Star Trek!

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