LATEST TV: The Missing Finale was one of the best TV episodes of 2016! Now we await news of a third season!

The Missing

This is not a review of the amazing BBC Show The Missing which ended its second run last night, simply because I haven’t seen the first season, which believe me, I am going to rectify in the next two weeks, which I will then do a big massive feature on both stories.  I just hope its original run will be just as good as Alice’s story which had me gripped throughout!

Last night’s finale was one of those rare moments that lived up to its hype!  There were no lingering questions or mysteries left, everything we needed to know was explained and apart from the poor – the only waiter who has seen Sophie in Switzerland, just happens to serve Baptiste and glances on his phone when he just happens to be looking at a photo of Sophie- Yes it was lame, but damn I forgive the writers.

So all the questions were answered………



  • As expected it was Lena’s body in the shed and that Adrian Stone sorted out the DNA so everyone thought it was Alice who died!
  • Stone himself was a very bad man and while he weren’t involved in the kidnapping, he did have the same taste in young women as the evil Gettrick.
  • Poor Henry was only trying to save Sophie, but his attempts were thwarted by a gun in his mouth. Hence the reason why Sophie put flowers on his grave.
  • Sophie was only released from her capture to get medical help and she only went along to pretend to be Alice because she feared for her daughter’s life.
  • As I said above Sophie was trying to protect Lucy-which answers the question who was the little girl’s Mother.
  • Poor Dad Sam got shot but had some redemption when he admitted he was wrong all along and that Alive was alive.  Pity he died though.
  • Was Stone pretending to have Dementia?  No he had it for sure, but a part of me thinks he was putting it on a bit when his daughter was grilling him with what he has done!
  • Nadia was rejected by her now found innocent husband.  A sad ending but a right one!
  • Baptiste did not die at the end and had the life saving operation that was required….which means he could be very much in season three?
  • Will there be a season three?

That question is the only one left unsolved.  With critical acclaim and massive ratings, everyone is waiting for the BBC to announce if it will return for a new mystery next year, I personally can not wait to find out!



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