Now we all by now probably know that Dr. Jekyll, in the form of Russell Crowe, will be in the upcoming version of The Mummy, which probably means that his demonic alter ego Mr. Hyde will also be putting in an appearance. It also means that it could be doubtful that Jekyll and Hyde will get a movie of their own in Universal’s hugely ambitious attempt to rework their classic monsters for a new generation. Never mind though, another studio is jumping on the bandwagon, and it’s Lionsgate. Our own Ross Hughes reported some time ago that the studio was doing a Jekyll and Hyde movie, and that it was going to be based on the excellent BBC TV series Jekyll from 2007, but I had assumed that they’d given up on the project. Jekyll, a modern day sequel to the Robert Louis Stevenson novella, was an excellent series with James Nesbitt totally nailing the dual role, and most definitely does not need a remake.

They’re ploughing ahead with it though, and Deadline informs us that Ruben Fleischer [Zombieland, Gangster Squad] is going to be the director and that Captain America himself Chris Evans will play Jeykll [and Hyde]. I’m not really sure if Fleischer is the right choice, and certainly don’t think that Evans has the range required, but hopefully he’ll surprise us. For now though, this Jekyll is in my opinion just another unwanted, unneccessary remake of something which would be hard to top!


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