LATEST MOVIES: OH WOW! James Cameron “is Back” as Tim Miller set to direct new Terminator film!

Did anyone see this coming?

After directing the original Sci-Fi horror classic, then following it up with a more of an action blockbuster of a sequel, James Cameron moved away from his beloved Terminator franchise and its quite easy to say that the results afterwards have been poor.

While the third film was a mixed bag, saved by a very good, dark ending, Salvation was a mess from start to finish, while Genyisys, well lets forget about that shall we!

News broke in the early hours this morning that Cameron is coming back to the world of Skynet, once the franchise rights are given back to him in 2019.

Deadline are reporting that not only is Cameron interested in a new entry in the long running series, but he is also in early talks with Deadpool’s Tim Miller to direct the next film.

While this means Cameron himself is not behind the camera, the fact that he is involved can only be a good thing.  The man created this story and his input have been solely lacking over the last sequels.  Even if he writes the script can only be a good thing for fans out there, longing for the film to go back to its roots.

What kind of damage has Genyisys done to the franchise though?  While that tried to reboot the whole saga,  with new actors in iconic roles, does Cameron continue with that story (very much doubt it) or does he himself, ignore all the sequels and make a continuation from what happened when Edward Furlong said a tearful goodbye to his best friend killing machine?

The guessing game starts now!

More as we get it!



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