Having not seen it for over 20 years, I don’t recall much more about the 1971 cop thriller Shaft except Richard Roundtree endlessly walking about the streets while that terrific Isaac Hayes theme plays, and that extremely sexist moment where he brings a girl back to his pad for the night and, as he’s about to leave in the morning, asks her to tidy up just before she leaves. But it was a big hit and led to two sequels, Shaft’s Big Score and Shaft In Africa. A 2000 remake/sequel, starring Samuel L. Jackson as the detective’s nephew, was a moderate success but there were no follow-ups despite Jackson saying he’d like there to be one a couple of times.

Anyway, it’s now been decided that it’s time for the ” the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks” to return – or more likely his son, as is rumoured, though we don’t know any specific plot details, nor who will play Shaft. The director will be Tim Story, who was responsible for the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four films, and the Ride Along comedies. Kenya Barris [Black-ish] and Alex Barnow [The Goldbergs]. I guess many will file this as another unwanted remale, but as I said earlier my memories of the original are vague and I don’t think it was any kind of classic….though it was very much, I think, a film of its time.


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