Which horror films had the biggest budget?

In the modern age, every person has their own interest and preferences based on the material they would like to watch on TV, but horror movies has always been regarded as a popular choice of film lovers, even if you don’t like horror movies, at one point in your life, you’d be intrigued in watching one. Horror has been doing big business as of late and it’s nice to see that the lower budget horror films are able to compete with the more blockbuster ones and hundreds of horror movies have been produced and released by different production companies. Maybe you’re an indie director reading this at the moment and you’re thinking of your budget? Well whether it’s comparing the cost of franking machines or high tech cameras, how to prioritise your money and be clever with it could be the make or break for your film.

The main factor that determines whether its success of failure is usually its budget but that’s not always the case, I have seen some lower budget films that were on the level of higher budget ones, still whether they’re deemed good or bad, let’s have a look:

The Exorcist: The Beginning – $78 million 

Unlike most horror movies in the industry, The Exorcist was planned for years but it was creepily plagued by a couple of problems, one of those problems being the death of its director and that was before the production had even begun. With all that happening, the projects budget ending up being in the region of $80 million which is massive for a horror movie.

The Haunting – $90 million

The remake of the 1963 horror film of the same name, The Haunting had a budget of around $90 million – 80 mill of it was for the production and 10 million was on the marketing and latter was were this film failed. It managed to cover the 80 mill budget but unfortunately it wasn’t the same case for its advertising, which means it wasn’t financially successful as expected.

Hollow Man – $95 million

A technical shoot and large amount of visual effect saw the budget of Paul Verhoeven’s Hollow Man almost reach $100 million. The film was shot in chronological order, something frowned up due to the extra expense and time needed, however this was done mainly because the laboratory set would be blown up near the end of the film. This explosive shoot was captured by 14 cameras at various angles. The film was a success making $191 million at the box office worldwide.

The Wolfman – $170 million

Based on the 1941 classic werewolf horror film of the same title, the film grossed $19million on its opening day and $31 million in its opening weekend. Now with this said, it didn’t get near the budget of the film and was considered a ‘let down’ after the amount of money spent on it.  This just shows that having a big budget doesn’t mean instant success.

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