Well surprise surprise. Despite being a major critical and commercial flop, 2oth Century Fox are interested in doing a follow-up to the 2015 Fantastic Four. Announced writer/producer Simon Kinberg to LRM::

“We’re very interested in doing another Fantastic Four movie, and we love that cast, and it’s really about getting the tone right. I felt like on that last movie, we did something bold and it didn’t entirely work, and I think part of the issue is that we went away from the core tone and vibe of the comics. The comics themselves are fun and playful and really about inner personal family dynamics, and we did something different and took a chance, and I am sort of proud of the fact that we took a chance, and disappointed that it didn’t totally work. I think as we go back into it and talk about it, we’d want to be truer to the core voice, tone, vibe of the source material.”

While there’s no doubt that its very serious, even grim, tone was probably a mistake, I didn’t think that Josh Trank’s movie was that bad, and it seems that – much as in the case of Suicide Squad – was partly ruined by the studio’s meddling. Sometimes it seemed like Fox actively set out to ruin the film, for example cutting three major action scenes. Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell were all good in their roles though, and it’s good that we may get a  chance to see them in another, hopefully better, adventure. And if it doesn’t work…..well I’m sure Fox will just wait another ten years or so and then have yet another go at a reboot.

Meanwhile it still seems that we’ll never see Trank’s original cut…..


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