Now how does this sound for a fun movie?

An all-female punk rock band are flying on a Boeing 737 to the last gig of their comeback tour but discover that also on the plane are some little creatures….and they ain’t of the friendly sort. Add to this the fact that the monsters are going to be brought to life with old-school puppet effects [hurrah!], and Dead Air looks like a short with a lot of potential. The idea is that it will serve as a stepping stone to it being eventually turned into a feature length film. Directed by Geoff Harmer whose short Selfie has won several awards, written by Peter Hearn who showed his expertise in horror with just a bit [though not too much] of a sense of humour with Scrawl, and featuring….well, I can’t say too much, but somebody very well known is involved with the project….Dead Air should be a hoot.

On Friday a Kickstarter campaign was launched, so if you feel like helping to make Dead Air happen, check out the full press release below and then visit the official page for the campaign which will tell you even more details and even has a fun video to watch.




Award-winning director announces new proof of concept short DEAD AIR

 Director Geoff Harmer of multi award winning short Selfie which is still doing the rounds at festivals announces his new short, Dead Air, which is being taken to Kickstarter from 10th February.

Written by award winning Filmmaker Peter Hearn (Scrawl starring Star Wars: The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley) Dead Air follows an all-female punk rock band who end up on a flight with some nasty little creatures at 30000 feet. With only the help of their instruments, a tape recorder and a bottle of piss, the girls try to fend off the evil to get to play their final gig.

The short film is being used as a shop window for the feature film version of Dead Air. This ambitious practical fx heavy short, utilising Labyrinth style puppets and prosthetic monster make up effects is a love letter to the creature features of the 80’s as well as being a goopy blood soaked fun ride.

This concept short aims to convince sales agents, distributors and a host of others that Dead Air is the next horror comedy hit to come out of the UK.

Director of Photography is Tom Allen (Selfie, Glove Compartment), and the film is to be scored by Dan Hall (Scrawl, Angel of Saigon), with additional music by Erica Nockalls (Erica Nockalls band, The Wonderstuff, The Proclaimers); Dead Air is set to star Charlie Bond (Vendetta, Strippers V Werewolves), Stacy Hart (Selfie, Get Real), James Hamer Morton (My Bloody Banjo, The Fitzroy) Kate Marie Davies (Escape from Cannibal Farm) and other genre stars to be announced during the Kickstarter.  Dead Air will also have a Special Horror Genre Icon on board who will be announced after the Kickstarter.

Dead Air plans to take a flight into hell with practical puppetry, set aboard a Boeing 737, shooting at Black Hangar Studios in Hampshire, UK in April 2017.

The film starts its Kickstarter campaign on Friday 10th Feb at

For other Dead Air news go to or

Dead Air: A Horror Comedy with added Bite!

Fraught Productions Presents – Dead Air.  Directed by Geoff Harmer; Written by Peter Hearn; Produced by Geoff Harmer and Peter Hearn; starring Charlie Bond, Stacy Hart, Kate Marie Davies & James Hamer Morton.



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