Latest Movies: Is this the end for Jason and his visits to Camp Crystal Lake and is Chucky the answer?

I was away all day yesterday and there was no one around at HCF to bring you the sad news that production of the new Friday the 13th film has all been shut down!  Which means no new film this year and most likely next year, with rumblings that the flop of horror sequel RINGS is to blame and Paramount have decided not to risk another disaster at a long standing franchise!

Why they decided to put RINGS ahead of Friday the 13th in the release dates is the most confusing part for me as there is no question that Jason has a much bigger fan base.

But what does this mean for us fans?

Well at the moment, we have to get used to the fact that it could be another 2-3 years before we ever see the masked maniac in all his glory once more, but I personally very much doubt that we’ll never pay a visit to Camp Crystal Lake again?

The answer could well be looking at Chucky and the Child’s Prey series where thanks to a strong straight to DVD addition with The Curse Of Chucky, interest in the franchise is right back within the horror genre, thanks to the critical acclaim Curse received and the fact a further film is being made as you read this!

So whoever will be behind the next Jason film, should they just forget about any big budgets and just strip it bare, go back to basics, write up a perfect sequel, release it to the home market and take it from there?

If Chucky can do it, there is no reason why Jason can’t.  A good horror does not need lavish set-pieces, and a Jason film can be made quite cheaply, just look at Jason Lives as perfect example.  Back then after a poorly received Part V, Jason came back from the grave and made a killing on video and Part 6 is now looked upon with much love from the fans.

There are many ways Jason can come back, lets hope the studio show some sense as there is money to be made in this franchise and lets be honest, you can’t really make a “bad” Friday the 13th film.  Set it in the 80’s  have Jason killing loads of dumb teenagers and just make it fun.

Not hard is it?



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