Latest Trailers: LIFE looks way too much like a 70’s classic…..someone call Ridley Scott!

When you have a cast containing the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson, you must have some hope right?

I mean the trio are big names and they won’t have just picked up a script and thought “Lets do this, this is so original, wow!”, without realising that the film they are about to make is too similar to a classic called A L I E N mixed in with a bit of Gravity?

Maybe its just all misleading, a clever trailer that makes us think we watching a rip off but when we sit down to watch, it blows our expectations by going into a different direction?

We’ll all have to wait until March 24th for when LIFE is released, but here is the full trailer and you see what I mean when you take a look!

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