LATEST TV: Kevin Smith to make a SPAWN TV Series Spin off!

One of the biggest cult films around is of course SPAWN, a 1997 Superhero film that flopped badly, was critically mauled, but over the years has gained a massive fan base all over the world.  Some of the reason for the love is because the film was based on a popular and highly based comic book series and despite the hatred for many announced remakes, SPAWN has been the rare property that fans would love to be redone at the box -office.

Well fans, you can start to get a little bit excited.  It seems that a spin off from SPAWN is coming and its heading for the small screen and will be focused on two characters from that world, that go by the name of Sam and Twitch.

Over to you BBC American President Sarah Barnett.

“They were originally introduced in Spawn, and it’s Todd McFarlane’s comic book series about these big-city homicide detectives who face a series of super grizzly crimes that are connected to the occult,”

Long time fans will know that the duo were so popular in the SPAWN books, that they spun off into their own comics that were just as successful, which proves there is a fan base out there for this kind of show.

And who is creating the show?  Step forward Kevin Smith, who seems the perfect fit for such a world.

More on this as we get it!

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