Mel Gibson might direct Suicide Squad 2 – and fans are not happy.

Although I hated, hated The Passion Of The Christ with a….passion, there’s little doubt that Mel Gibson is an accomplished filmmaker and his most recent effort Hacksaw Ridge could end up as one of my top ten films of the year. However, the reports that Gibson has been approached by Warner Bros. to direct Suicice Squad 2 have understandably been met with a lot of hostility from fans. Firstly, he recently vented his fustration at the superhero-dominated modern Hollywood and called Batman V Superman “a piece of shit” – I actually agree with him on both counts but it does make it strange that he’s to asked to direct the Suicide Squad sequel. And secondly, the man has uttered some pretty unpleasant racist and sexist comments over the years, and he’s twice been accused of abusing a partner. One comment sums it up adroitly:

“Harley Quinn, the biggest star of Suicide Squad, is Jewish and a survivor of domestic violence. Mel Gibson is THE worst possible choice”.

Though that may have partly been down to studio interference, I thought the first Suicide Squad was atrocious, but it was a huge hit nonetheless. Gibson’s participation, unless the general public’s idea of him changes, stands a good chance of hampering the sequel’s box office chances, so I don’t think he’s a good choice though –  speaking as a fan of Apocalypto and Braveheart [historical innaccuracies be damned] – I do reckon that he may very well be able to turn out a vastly better film than the first one as long as Warners doesn’t lean on him too much.

Meanwhile Suicide Squad‘s director David Ayer is beginning work on a Harley Quin spin-off called Gotham City Sirens, and there are rumours that there could be also be a Deadshot spin-off.


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