DUHD reported the other day that Dario Argento was attending a photo exhibition for artist Franco Bellomo when a journalist asked him what he was doing. The giallo master replied:

“I have a project, rather two. Let’s see what will start first. Of course it is always horror. It will be something new.”

And that’s all he said, but we do know that one of them will possibly be The Sandman, for which Argento had the raise the funds on Indiegogo. I say only “possibly”, because the Iggy Pop-starring giallo seemed like it was going to be made, but we haven’t heard anything more about it since the last Facebook post:

“We had hoped to have seasonal news for an exact starting date for the film. We don’t have that yet but are working daily to make that happen. The biggest challenge as I expressed previously is getting all elements to line up. This is not just people. It is with things and money too. We will be working feverishly over the holidays to get things together. Story boards, as you see above and as our supporters have seen in emails, are going phenomenally well. In breaking down the script and working on schedules and storyboards we have all found things that can improve both the film and the shoot. The overall team has contributed to this process and our wonderful writer David Tully continues to take those soft balls and hit them out of the park. We appreciate your patience with this process. We also appreciate your continued good wishes and perseverance with the film. Everyone involved is waiting for the same things. All of the creators on the film have been very patient with the business side of things and continue to be. Together creative and business will make the best movie possible. Our shoot date needs to be in the first part of the year for several reasons but mostly so that we can release this film next winter. That is now our objective and the business team will not rest until it is accomplished. Stay tuned for updates in mid January and have a happy holiday”.

Well, it’s way past January and nothing more has been heard about The Sandman, so maybe it won’t now be made after all. At least it seems like he’s got another project on the go, or even two if The Sandman has definitely stalled. Whether of course the resulting films will be much good, considering the low quality of his recent output, is another matter, but us Dario fans can live in hope. And that dreaded Suspiria remake is coming soon!

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