LATEST MOVIES: Is Life actually a Venom prequel?

Some bonkers of a news story this, but trust us, it needs to be read.

With film studios stunning fans with unexpected films, like 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Woods becoming a sequel to Blair Witch and of course the brilliant Split which was……what? haven’t seen it yet?, ok then I stop right here.  The biggest coup at the moment could be SONY as they could well be pulling off the biggest prequel surprise yet as fans are beginning to speculate that the upcoming LIFE could well be a Venom prequel.

Yes, that’s right, the SCI-FI horror that looked more like an A L I E N rip off than anything else, could well be linked to Spider-man.

Why is this?  For a start, a key eyed reader spotted this link.  Here, the first image is from Spider-man 3.

and here is a clip from LIFE:

As you can see its the same shot and yes guys, this is 100% genuine.  Now we admit that it won’t be the first time that a studio has reused past footage and this could be just that, but the crazy thing that has set this theory in notion is that only a few days ago, SONY unexpectedly announced a Venom film is coming.  Also in the LIFE trailer itself, it is suggested that a sort of blob with long tendrils will be the main threat to the crew containing Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Foster and Ryan Reynolds, a description not far off describing the black substance that turned Eddie Brock into Venom.

Of course, we admit that all this could just be a load of nonsense and we’ll be very surprised if its true, but how cool would it be, that a film with such a great cast, that looked like a Ridley Scott rip off, was in fact a prequel to a wonderful comic book story?

We await with interest!


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