LATEST MOVIES: The Fly remake is a go! J D Dillard to direct!

One of the greatest remakes of all time is getting a remake………yes the horror genre is now remaking, remakes.  Head scratch?

To be fair, David Cronenberg’s 1986 horror classic is now over 31 years old ( I am getting old), and that too was a remake of the 1958 classic which is now nearly 60 years old.  This new adaption is to be directed by J D Dillard whose Sleight won loads of plaudits last year.

What we gather is that this new version will be more in tune of Cronenberg’s masterpiece than the original, which is either a good or bad thing.

Does the horror world need this?  Probably not, but this has been rumoured for the last few years, so its come to no surprise that its actually going ahead.  If you are too young to even know what The Fly is about, well its about a Scientist, who experiments and turns into an insect, but for the life of me I can’t remember what one……..

More as we get it!

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