LATEST TV: Huge doubt gathers over the future of 24: Legacy as ratings alarmingly dip!

Making a 24 show without Kiefer Sutherland was always going to be risky, I mean Jack Bauer was the show, a man who everyone wanted to succeed and survive a torturous day.

Now I am going to be honest and say Eric Carter is doing a really good job as the new guy on the block.  He is energetic and is proving that America is in much capable hands, but the trouble with 24: Legacy, the new show is that the writers are failing to offer something new.

Everything seems recycled, from kidnapping, to a terrorist threat, even Eric himself is going through some moments in the day that Jack had experienced, which brings a severe case of Deja Vue for fans who have been watching since Day One.

And this is why the show is falling!  By the end of Day 6, we were all sick of CTU and its mole, its one of the main reasons they got rid in Day 7, so why did they think its great to have the place back now in this new run?

By going over old ground and not offering nothing new to the table is one of the main reasons the show’s ratings are dropping every week, a situation that FOX have admitted, has made them sad.

Dana Walden who is the chairman of the FOX Television Group had this to say about 24: Legacy.

“I’m a little sad because I feel like it’s a really good show. We’re doing about 7-8 million viewers over seven days per episode. It’s not terrible. We had really high hopes for the show. … I feel very proud of the show and extremely grateful to the creators and the great actors who have done a really wonderful job. I’m wondering whether broadcast can sustain something so serialized.”

And as for hopes of a second season, things don’t bode well as she didn’t sound committed:

“We’re going to see. I would love nothing more than to bring it back because I thought it was great but we’re just going to have to see how our pilots come in, how it continues to perform and weigh all of the information we have in May.”

By now, some shows have their renewal and the fact FOX won’t confirm when pressed is a sign that 24 is on very dodgy ground at the moment.  Which is a shame, but the truth is, not many people seem to be talking about it.  Years ago, when it was at its most popular height, 24 was the main topic on Social Media, but after the opening episode, things have gone quiet, and its hard pressed to find fans saying its a “Must watch!”

One of the other reasons is that the format of 24 cries out for a binge watch, and maybe fans are now tired of having to wait a week, as by the time it comes, all suspense is long gone!  The culture of watching shows has changed since the first time we met Jack!

With old favourite Tony Almeida coming back to the show, ratings may spike again, but while 24: Legacy is far from awful, its not brilliant either, its kind of “alright”, which sadly is not good enough for a show that once had the whole world hooked!

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