BREAKING: Snyder to remake Back To The Future with LaBeouf and McCarthy in the iconic roles

Yes, in a shocking bit of breaking news this Saturday morning, the much loved Back To The Future films is now finally getting the remake treatment, that will horrify a legion of fans everywhere.

Despite denials for years, the rights have been bought from the original holders Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis by Universal Studios and the plan is to release the film in 2020.

After he has finished playing with his superhero team, Zack Snyder has signed on to direct the first of a planned 5 films and already a cast has been put in place.

Shia LaBeouf will take over the role of Marty McFly from Michael J Fox, while Melissa McCarthy will become Doc Brown, replacing the much loved Christopher Lloyd.

LaBeouf has even made a statement saying

“I can’t wait to bring my take to this wonderful tale.  After thrilling audiences with the brilliant Indy film and of course Transformers, its time for a new generation to experience a young boy trying to get back into his own period of time”

While McCarthy simply tweeted “Great Scott!”

Early reports are suggesting that the film will actually follow the original plan of having a time travelling fridge instead of a the much iconic Delorean car.

Snyder who is currently putting the finishing touches to his Justice League film said “I love BTTF, but its time to move away from the memories and create some new ones.  I loved the idea of a time travelling fridge from the original drafts so we may explore that, but we are going to do our own take on the concept”.

More on this breaking news as we get it…….and oh by the way readers………one more thing:



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