Ever since the poor distribution of 2006’s  Inland Empire [to me his masterpiece] David Lynch has been saying that he won’t make any make any more films, and, despite Twin Peaks being just about to begin that fantastic return to our TV screens, he stated it again a few weeks ago, his reason being:

“So many films were not doing well at the box office even though they might have been great films, and the things that were doing well at the box office weren’t the things that I would want to do”.

It’s certainly a harder place for unique, oddball genuises like Lynch these days, though the mostly positive reception so far given to the new Twin Peaks may have caused David to backtrack on his previous remarks and made the whole thing a little less definitive and a little more cryptic. While appearing at Cannes, he said:

“My remarks have been misrepresented. I did not say I quit cinema. Simply that nobody knows what the future holds.”

So there is hope. Maybe not much, but some.

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