Why that shocking climax to this week’s The Flash, may not be what we think? Hughesy explains!

First off, if you haven’t seen this week’s The Flash, then please stop reading!  This will contain major spoilers………





Secondly, I must say, Barry Allen is a very stupid young man. By going back in time, not only created Flashpoint, but also Savitar, who at the start of this episode was 24 hours away from killing Iris.  So what did Barry do in this episode?  Go back in time again, only this time to pull out Captain Cold (welcome back Wentworth Miller) from Legends Of Tomorrow, to seek his help in breaking into a secure place (love how Miller spends his time breaking out of things in Prison Break and yet in this, its the opposite).

His actions could have easily caused a ripple once more as we all know that Captain Cold is now dead, and while there was no ramifications from Barry’s actions here, I won’t be too surprised if something has changed, especially as Miller has signed up for more appearances next season.

Anyway, while it was great to see Miller return once more, the episode was just a filler for what came in the last few minutes that shocked not just me, but millions who watch the show.  From the halfway point of season 3, we knew that Iris was going to die, but did we actually expect it?  The stunning last few moments which saw Savitar kill Iris was the darkest The Flash has ever been and I must admit and say this show has never been better than it is right now.

That ending rocked me as I assumed Barry would come up with something to save his loved one.  The death of Iris means that this show has now gone down the ARROW path, in which season 4 will become even more darker than we ever expected The Flash to be.  You can’t just have a central character get murdered like that in front of her loved ones and then have the next season all fun, with Joe, Barry and Cisco, all standing around laughing, while Barry finds love again.  It won’t work and this is why I believe Iris is not dead!

How?   Deep breath?  Because of this man!

HR Wells.  A character who was the original bad guy, but now can be the saviour of this seasons adventure.

Now I love this version of Wells, he is not dynamic like the others, and his heartfelt speech to Cisco in which he admitted that “he hasn’t helped the team at all” made me question the many clues that gathered in this episode.  First of all, we had the return of Earth 2’s HR Wells, who has no reason now to be stuck on his own in the other world, especially as his daughter Jesse is now fighting crime on Earth 3 (yes its confusing).

Also we had the return of the transmogrifier.  A device that can change a person’s appearance into someone else, as witnessed in this episode where Barry pretended to be Lyla.  So why the sudden return of this device?  And after HR blundered by giving Savitar the information for Iris whereabouts, his final scene was looking at the shard of Savitar and coming up with a plan.

So my guess is, HR became Iris and sacrificed himself for the team.

But how?

Well this bit is easy.  Re-watch the final moments again and we see for no reason whatsoever, Savitar drop Iris to the floor and has a little duel with Flash.  Its at that moment, HR switches himself with Iris, all thanks to the help of Wally who was also left behind at Star Labs, and is the only person fast enough to switch the two around without anyone noticing.  With Barry and everyone oblivious to this, the plan works as Savitar believes he has actually carried out his plan…..leading the finale into an epic conclusion.

Now I know HR is glimpsed in the trailer for next week, and my theory could be wrong, but my guess is the HR we see here is the Earth 2 version who will eventually replace this more fun loving version.  Also, when Cisco vibed the future a few episodes back, we saw HR on the rooftop, but instead in this version, we saw Joe, which does suggest that somehow the future did change.

Of course all this could be wrong and the writers actually have killed Iris off, which if they have, The Flash has entered the most darkest path yet and I hope if they have done it, then she actually stays dead.  ARROW has fumbled big time with Black Canary and the last thing fans want is Iris coming back from another Earth.

If she is dead, then please let her stay dead, but I just can’t see that happening.  Either HR has come up good, or Barry will once more travel back and do something, either way we’ll just have to wait and see as The Flash concludes its epic season finale next week………..



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