I must have missed this. Apparently a remake of Brian De Palma’s gangster classic has been in the works for some time. Terence Winter wrote an initial script which the Coen brothers were recently brought in to “polish”. Antoine Fuqua was intended to direct but left the project for unspecified reasons. Sources reveal that Universal is now very close to landing a new helmer – David Ayer of Suicide Squad and Fury. He seems like a good choice to me. Diego Luna has been attached to play Al Pacino’s role – and can you really seeing filling Al’s shoes? – though some seem to think that he may no longer be starring now a new director is doing the movie.

Of course many will ask whether we need a remake at all, though the 1984 film was a remake itself of a 1932 picture, and, while I generally hate the current trend for remaking everything, I do feel that the basic story could work well in a modern reimagining if handled properly. The fact that the Coens are involved gives me hope. We shall see…..


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