I’m always up for a giant insect movie, so I was pleased to come across a trailer for a new film featuring huge ants. This one is based on a video game from 1989. In it:

The player assumes the role of Dr. Greg Bradley, who comes to remote Lizard Breath, Nevada on June 1st, 1951. As a geologist, he wants to study a recent site of a meteor crash somewhere in the desert south-west of the small town. Early in the game, he learns that the radiation of the meteor has enlarged a local ant population to an enormous size. However, few take his observations seriously. Worried that the ants will soon mate and spread, he must work against a ticking clock and devise a plan to stop the ants from terrorizing the world.

The film is a kind of sequel set 60 years later. A synopsis hasn’t appeared yet, but the videogame was very much inspired by the classic Them! so we can probably predict the ingredients and even the storyline. The mostly very fast cut trailer seems to indicate that the film will be a bit tongue in cheek, which I guess is a bit of a shame, but then again it’s possible that not many would actually take a more serious giant ant film seriously anyway in this day and age. The ants are only shown at the end, and don’t look too bad as cheap CGI creatures go.

Marko Makilaakso directs from a script by himself, Hank Woon and Trent Haaga, and Mark Arnold, Vanessa Grasse, Harry Lister Smith, Alex Mills, James Alper, Callum McGowan, Claudia Trujillo, Andrew Horton, Ross Ellis, and Michael Majalahti star. No release date yet.


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