Well it certainly sounds weird, but Bloody Disgusting has reported the possibility that the reboot of Friday the 13th and the Transformers series might actually exist in a shared universe. It revolves around a secondary character who appears in the first Transformers, and then two years later in Friday the 13th called Trent DeMarco played by Travis Van Winkle. In Transformers, he’s introduced as the idiot boyfriend of Megan Fox’s Mikaela Banes, who won’t let her drive his truck and flicks an elastic band at Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky. Mikaela subsequently dumps him and that’s the last we see of him….well….until two years later when he turns up, played by the same actor, turns up at Camp Crystal Lake and is offed by none other than Jason Voorhees.

Coincidence? Unlikely, since Transformers director Michael Bay is one of the producers on Friday the 13th. There’s a fan theory going around that [SPOILER WARNING!], because Transformers: The Last Knight apparently hints that Sam Witwicky is dead in the Transformers time line, the new Friday The 13th film [which may not happen at all in my opinion] may feature or have been intended to feature Sam getting killed by Jason….which would be just awesome! Please guys….make the film….it’s not too late.


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