There’s been talk of Christopher Nolan directing a James Bond film ever since he mentioned his love for the franchise when Inception was about to come out, and recent rumours have suggested he could be in the frame for Bond 25….well, if it ever happens. Digital Spy happened to ask him about this the other day, and his response was:

“I love the character, I love the films, I’ve been very inspired by the films as anyone who’s seen my films will find embarrassingly obvious. But you’d only take on a franchise like that if you could bring something completely new to it, if that were needed. And I think at the moment they’re doing fantastically well without me”.

So there you have it. There remains the suggestion that he’d be up for it if the series, which has shown a distinct Nolan influence of late anyway [especially in the first two Daniel Craigs] wasn’t doing too well, and if he was asked.

In the meantime his new movie Dunkirk, out this Friday, looks like another cracking piece of cinema and we’ll be reviewing it in due course!

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