Some very interesting news courtesy of bloody-disgusting.com concerning Clive Barker’s undoubtedly flawed but imaginative, fascinating and seemingly very personal Nightbreed. You probably already know how the theatrical release of the film was messed about how by Morgan Creek who insisted on heavy cuts and extensive reshoots, and how the now legendary ‘Cabal Cut’ of the film turned up at several festivals and contained loads of deleted material though in poor quality, and how they eventually found most of this footage in a warehouse in rather better shape, from which Barker  then created his Director’s Cut. If you really like the film you’ve probably seen – as long as you can play Region ‘A’ Blu-rays – this Director’s Cut which was on Scream Factory’s 2014 release. That version, which I reviewed for this very website, did restore some great stuff, and does play better, but some were disappointed that much of the footage unique to the Cabal Cut was still not put back in.

Well, if you were one of those people, prepare to be happy. The Barker podcast CliveBarkerCast announced last week that the Cabal Cut will soon be available on limited edition Blu-ray!

“Remember the graininess and the terrible muddy quality of the VHS workprints? That’s been cleared out a LOT, although for some segments they still used it; but there’s no other choice for those segments that weren’t found in the warehouse boxes for the Shout! Factory edition. 12 minutes of VHS footage remain on a 145 minute Cabal Cut. Stuff you’ve never seen anywhere else, folks.”

The release will include a commentary track by Cabal Cut editors Russell Cherrington and Jimmi Johnson, as well as one with CliveBarkerCast’s Ryan Danhauser and Jose Leitao. It will also feature a video intro by Seraphim’s Mark Miller, along with a limited postcard set and a Dr. Decker enamel pin. The cover art is shown above!

I’m a big fan of Nightbreed, so I’ll be getting my hands on this as soon as it’s available and letting you know what I think!


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    I like very much this new.

    I hope to see this and with spanish subtitles. Thank you

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