It’s easy to get a bit tired of all this shared universe stuff, especially in the case of the Conjuring cinematic universe where it seems that things weren’t originally planned that way….though actually they were. It turns out that this was the plan from the start. The director of the first two Conjuring films, James Wan, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about New Line Cinema’s tactic, saying:

“Very early on, I wanted to call the Conjuring films The Warren Files. And so that was going to be a more encompassing sort of umbrella name for this whole world. We didn’t end up going with that title, obviously, but I guess that spirit has always sort of lingered around.”

Although Wan is directing Aquaman for Warner Bros and DC, he’s still overseeing the franchise.

“If you start approaching it that way, you kinda see where the films can sort of fan out, where the storylines can fan out and become other stuff. I want to make sure that all these films within the Conjuring world feel like they came from the same place. I don’t want them feeling too disjointed from a visual standpoint, and I really want to keep that classical sort of old-school storytelling going on with all these films.”

“We quite liked the approach of having a couple of successful films out before revealing the intention of being a shared universe – you’re going expecting one complete film, rather than setup for a pay-off in a year or two’s time”.

This is certainly one horror franchise whose popularity seems here to stay, at least for a while, compared with the Universal Monsters one which just can’t seem to properly get off the ground, doesn’t seem to be arousing much interest, and seems to have been a rather poor idea from the start.



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