There’s been talk of a film version of the hit TV series Knight Rider for some time. Last year, it was reported that director Justin Lin was working on a Knight Rider digital series, while David Hasselhoff mentioned that ideas for a movie were being tossed around. Recently, The Hoff said that he’d like the film to be a serious, Logan-like sequel to the TV series, but it seems that this is not the route the Weinstein Company want to go down. No, they want to turn it into a comedy. It seems that they want that charisma free zone known as Kevin Hart to succeed William Daniels as the voice of KITT, the artificially intelligent car that Michael Knight rides around in, and John Cena to attempt to fill the Hoff’s enormous shoes.

Obviously this is being done partly as an attempt to recapture the success of the two 21 Jump Street movies, but so were this year’s Baywatch and CHiPs, and look how they turned out. The latter was especially crass and, to be honest, a bit of an insult to fans of the original series. Is mocking the source material the only route the folk behind these reboots want to go down?

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