David Cronenberg seems to be the latest filmmaker whose work people are turning to to remake.  There’s a remake [though of course Cronenberg’s film was itself a remake] of The Fly coming up, and possibly one of The Brood which is my favourite Cronenberg film so I’m none to happy about that one. Anyway, it now seems that 1976’s Rabid is also being remade. The folks behind this are the Sosca sisters who were responsible for American Mary and Dead Rising: Watchtower. A while back they were interviewed by The Horror Channel and Sylvia Soska explained:

“We are very honored to have been the team chosen to take on the remake of Cronenberg’s Rabid. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of remakes but that’s if they don’t have anything new to bring to the story. We have a unique perspective just because of who we are to tell the story from Rose’s eyes as well as make a commentary on the increasingly rabid world that we live in. Also, we’ve been dying to get back into body horror. Ten years into David’s filmmaking career, he remade The Fly and it brought him to this new level. This is ten years into our career and this will be our first film that gets a wide theatrical release, so it feels like a good pairing. We just have to make sure we don’t let down our country, our fanbase, and our hero. No pressure”.

Anyway, the other day they were interviewed by Rue Morgue and went into more detail.

Jen Soska:
We’ve been pregnant with Rabid for over a year and a half. When you fund something through a government instead of a studio, there are many different steps and it takes a lot of time for people to sign contracts. I’m very excited for Rabid because not only is it kind of an extension of American Mary, it’s really a study of all of David Cronenberg’s work. I just want to impress him. If other people like it, I’ll be happy, but all I want is for him to love it.

It’s important to be super-respectful with it because there’s such a negative connotation to remakes. What David did with The Fly was so beautiful, and also, he met his late wife on Rabid, and we’re friends with their son. I feel like a mama bear protecting Rabid; I try to be calm and super-zen, but sometimes I hear something and think, ‘David wouldn’t do that!’

Jen: All we say is, ‘That’s not Cronenberg!’

Sylvia: I found out that he wanted originally to put the tentacle between Rose’s legs, and that was my first suggestion. We got shot down on that, but I was like, ‘I’m thinking like David; that’s good, right?  MastersFX is onboard, and we’ve been designing some really amazing stuff. We didn’t get to do the vagina, but we found another place to put it, and I think we’re gonna scare the shit out of people.

Jen: We want to do some body-horror that’s like, ‘What the fuck is this?’—that you’ve never seen. That has been a challenge for us because I’ve seen a lot of weird Japanese movies that go way past what most normal people watch. But we’ve got a lot of surprises in Rabid, and I think people are going to be impressed.

You could say that the girls seem to have the right attitude, but I can’t help thinking that, if they respect and love Cronenberg’s stuff so much, WHY DO A BLOODY REMAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

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