It was only two weeks ago when I reviewed Arrow’s Blu-ray release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, so I was most intrigued to discover, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, that a spin-off sequel featuring Bill Moseley’ Chop Top was shot by Tobe Hooper’s son William Hooper. It seems that filming begun in 1998 and carried on until 2000, after which he ran out of money and post production could not be carried out. The trailer hit the net soon after, but nothing else happened until 2011 when Hooper tried to raise the money to complete the film via Kickstarter, but failed. Though this is the first I’ve actually heard of this, rumours have arisen a few times since about the film stil coming out but in 2011 Moseley, whom fans of the franchise will know later returned to the series in Texas Chainsaw 3D taking over the role of Jim Siedow’s Drayton, stated that he was pretty sure we’ll never get to see it.

Set years after the events of Chainsaw 2, All American Massacre catches up with Chop Top in a Texas psychiatric hospital – where he’s been for the last couple decades. When a tabloid news crew comes in to interview him, Chop Top spills the beans about his past, relaying his murderous deeds before ultimately carrying out a whole new massacre.

At least we have the trailer [which is below] as proof that the film was made! I must say I personally found Chop Top a rather annoying character, but I’d still like to see this.

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