Top 5 Guitar Solos in Movies

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When it comes to music in movies, nothing beats a good guitar solo. Whether it’s someone shredding away in a duel or an enthusiastic rock n roll solo, those string beasts scream with delight. So I thought what better way to honour those guitarists in film with my rundown of the Top 5 Guitar Solos in movies (albeit with a little help from Wigan-based guitar teacher, Rob Ainscough).

1. Marty McFly – Back To The Future
Okay, so let’s get the obvious one out of the road first. Who could possibly forget Marty McFly tearing it up on stage with his rock n roll solo of Johnny B Goode with that famed red Gibson ES-345 which according to guiatr nuts didn’t even exist in 1955. So he really must have time travelled!

2. Crossroads
In Walter Hill’s Crossroads (no, not the Britney Spears one), Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio swaps the ‘wax-on, wax-off’ for a different type of technique as he masters the slide guitar. In the latter end of the film, Macchio ends up in a face-off against none other than guitar legend Steve Vai which is where the film goes down as one of the greatest all-time movies for guitarists. You can probably guess who wins the duel but it’s interesting to note that guitar God Vai also plays the guitar parts of Macchio in addition to his own.

3. The Crow
Oh, the feels! This soulful effort from Eric Draven sees the character playing atop of a roof. This particular scene has gone down as one of the fan favourites from The Crow.

4. Desperado
Where else can you witness Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi perform a beautiful Spanish acoustic piece (Los Lobos’ Morena de Mi Corazon), both solo and as a trio, before proceeding to strut across the top of a bar and smack some troublemaker across the face with the headstock… and continue playing much to the delight of the audience?! Desperado, of course, where a guitar case is not always home to a guitar.

5. Nigel Tufnel – Spinal Tap
This could never be a Top 5 without Nigel Tufnel from the greatest rock band of all time, Spinal Tap. His solos are his trademark.

What are your favourite guitar solos in film? Let us know in the comments below.

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