I promise that this will be the last news about It for a while, so we have two It stories in one post. We can now confirm that the sequel has been greenlighted and will be in cinemas on September 6th. 2019. Gary Dauberman, one of the screenwriters on It, has closed a deal to write the screenplay for the follow-up, while it’s almost definite that director Andy Muschietti will return as well. While Stephen King’s book flits between the young and older characters, New Line structured its adaptation so that the first film focuses on the kids and is set in the past. While the sequel will take place in the present, it will be punctuated with flashbacks featuring the same child cast members.

However, Russians may not even get to see the sequel if Burger King has its way. Bloody Disgusting has just reported that – now take a deep breath before you read on because this really is a bizarre story – Burger King in Russia has just filed a complaint with the country’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, claiming that Pennywise looks too much like Ronald McDonald; therefore, they say, It is serving as a massive advertisement for their rival chain, McDonald’s! Now I would thought that having a figure as evil and frightening as Pennywise resemble Ronald McDonald would hardly be considered beneficial to the very family orientated McDonald’s, but Burger King are obviously on a different wavelength, and are calling for the film to be banned in Russia.

Apparently the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service is currently evaluating the film to see if it contains any McDonald’s advertising or product placement!

Take a look at the pic of Pennywise above – does anyone immediately think Ronald McDonald? Though I will say that my last experience with a meal from McDonald about fifteen years ago was pretty horrifying and put me off the junk food chain for life.


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