He’s possibly just talking it up, but Arnold Schwarzenegger does seem confident in what James Cameron and Tim Miller are doing with the next Terminator film and isn’t above criticising the last movie which almost seemed to kill the franchise stone dead. Said the star to the UK Business Insider:

“It got a bit confusing. I think Cameron and Miller came up with a concept where they can continue on with the T-800 but make a whole new movie. What they are doing now with this one is basically to just take a few very basic characters, like Linda Hamilton’s character and my character, and dismiss everything else. Just move away from all these rules of the timeline and other characters.”

“I think the T-800 model is a really interesting character. He’s a machine, can be destructive, can do things human beings can’t do, but at the same time when newer technology comes along the character suddenly is vulnerable and that makes him even more interesting.  The last one made my T-800 character feel less vulnerable and more like an ordinary guy who suddenly gets activated again.”

While I remain one of the few people on the planet who seriously disliked Deadpool, nor can I say that I’m that excited by those forthcoming Avatar sequels, it does seem like Cameron and Miller are really keen to fix the series and know some of the ways in which they can do it.

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