Cult Films Launch Indiegogo For SUSPIRIA 4K Ultra HD Edition

CultFilms have launched their SUSPIRIA crowd-funding campaign! Explore the campaign and pledge!

The Film

Italian horror auteur Dario Argento unleashed the ultimate cult film with his visionary symphony of terror, SUSPIRIA. Ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) arrives at a prestigious dance academy in Freiburg, a school plagued by gruesome and supernatural happenings. Soon students begin to die in horrific circumstances – is Suzy next, and can she uncover the academy’s sinister secret before it’s too late? Abandoning the black gloves of the giallo in favour of a witchy brew of magic and murder, Argento carved a Baroque nightmare, saturated with expressive colour and punctuated by shocking violence. Considered the most famous Italian horror film of all time for its vivid, groundbreaking style and jaw-dropping bloodshed, SUSPIRIA now returns for its fortieth anniversary to assault audiences once more…this time in Ultra HD!

The Restoration

The new 4K scan was painstakingly restored by TLE Films in Germany with the crucially distinct colour palette reinstated in accordance with Argento’s original Technicolor Dye Transfer specification, from the original uncut, uncensored 35mm camera negative.

SUSPIRIA from 4K cinema to you

Many have enjoyed SUSPIRIA in 4K at cinema screenings across the UK this autumn, and CultFilms now want to bring this astonishing experience into your own home. They will release SUSPIRIA in a Blu-ray/DVD dual edition in shops later this year. BUT they believe SUSPIRIA deserves to be seen at its best, in the most advanced video format available, so they are crowd-funding a 4K UHD and Blu-ray dual edition in a specially designed SteelBook, filled with special features…and that’s why they need your support. This will be one of the first non-mainstream films to come out on the UHD format, with the edition strictly limited to 950 copies.

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