Okay, a Dora The Explorer film is probably not something most of our readers will be interested in, but I had to begin my usual Monday or Tuesday mini news round-up with this story because it’s so bizarre. Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon series is being turned into a Hollywood live-action would-be blockbuster and Michael Bay’s production company Platinum Dunes, usually busy making horror movies, is going to be producing it. Bay isn’t going to be the director – that job has gone to Nicolas Stoller, which also sounds like an odd choice considering his raunchy comedies until you remember that he also wrote the last two Muppet films and the animated Stork. But Bay has never been involved in making something like this before [I suppose the closest are his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pictures] and it is odd. All we know about the story so far is that Dora is now going to be a teenager who moves to the big city to live with her cousin Diego. Plenty of opportunities for helicopters at sunrise shots, explosions and pervy objectification of the main female character then.

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