“You going to freak out!” Hellraiser: Judgement director talks about sequel!

The one thing I can put money on is that the new Hellraiser: Judgement, can not be as bad as the horrendous Hellraiser: Revelations!

There I said it!  I could be wrong, it could be the worst one of them all, but with yet another new Pinhead and a new tale of terror, I am hoping that something will click, I mean us fans do deserve a surprise don’t we?

Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe has been talking to  Adam Green and Joe Lynch on their The Movie Crypt podcast and to be fair, he talks a good game!

I had the most fun on that I’ve ever had, and I’ve never worked so hard on a Hellraiser film, but we had a great time, We did two sequences where… one the actress almost passed out… a scene that you especially, Adam… you are going to freak the fuck out,” he continued. “I’ll tell you off air about it, it involves  a small dog. No, the dog doesn’t get hurt. But it goes through some… trauma. And then we had three grips leave the set during a sequence when they said, ‘This is utterly screwed up.

As for the release which is expected to go straight to DVD or Streaming services, we very much are clueless, but with Elm Street legend Heather (Nancy) Langenkamp in a role, we more than intrigued to see how this pans out!

More as get it!

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