LATEST MOVIES: Financial dispute holds up Mad Max sequel!

When a film is released too so much critical and fan acclaim, then usually a sequel is fast tracked, I mean if Daddy’s Home 2 can get a follow up so quickly, then surely a film that is adored worldwide can also?

Well not quite!  But then the Mad Max franchise has never been plain sailing ever since Mel Gibson was in the role and for years, we never expected a new film to be made, until Tom Hardy and co delivered the sublime Fury Road!

Now with everyone waiting for some news on a follow up, it seems that a court dispute, involving creator George Miller and Warner Bros is holding everything up, with production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell actually heading to court to solve this matter.

As being reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, there was a deal in place to bring Mad Max: Fury Road to the screen that saw Kennedy Miller Mitchell earn a $7m bonus if production costs on the movie were no more than $157m, after ‘certain costs were excluded from calculations’.

Furthermore, should Warner Bros seek another co-financier, that Kennedy Miller Mitchell be given first refusal on that.

The problems date back to September will Warner stating that the film went over budget and that there would be pay out to the company, hence the reason why all work on the new sequel as all but stalled!

A statement from Miller and Mitchell states that they would rather be making movies for Warner Bros than litigating with them and as the problem wasn’t solved for over a year, a court deal is the only option.

Warner themselves have disagreed and deny the claims by the company!

Either way, there will be no Mad Max action for a long time yet…meaning us the fans, miss out the most!



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