LATEST TV: Creators nearly “axed” that controversial Season 2 episode


It seems that nearly 80% of the world population have binge watched season 2 of Stranger Things and once more there is nothing but universal praise for the 80’s setting horror/thriller, even though there are a few grumbles within the HCF office that all is not perfect in the world of the Upside Down!

The one thing we all agree with along with nearly every fan watching, is that one episode that nearly threatened to derail the whole story…..



Yes we talking about Episode 7, the one where it moves away from the overall story arc and gives Eleven a back story that is not required, certainly not needed and comes across every bit as bad as an episode of Heroes.

It seems The Duffer Brothers also had doubts as they have confirmed they nearly axed the whole episode.

“When we got to the point of writing the episode, we wanted to see if we really needed it or not.  We did actually toy with pulling the episode completely, but then the ending with Eleven didn’t work at all” Matt Duffer told Vulture.

Ross added: “The idea is, if she is going to do this and we’re going to do this episode, she needs to learn something that allows her to succeed at the end.  We wanted a lot of the season to be about trauma and pain these people have suffered from, and actually about confronting that pain in order to heal the wounds”

So that is why we had an episode that so nearly made a show “Jump the shark”……. still awful though and thankfully the show became great again, an episode later!



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