Well I can’t say that it’s come as a surprise. Justice League has had the usual divisive DC movie response [I thought it was pretty lousy, though I didn’t much like the previous films either aside from Wonder Woman], but has also been a disappointment at the box office. And now there’s a petition to get Zack Snyder’s cut out on Blu-ray and DVD.  It’s well known that Snyder had to step down because of a family tragedy, and that, while Warner Bros. executives were supposedly happy with the film, he felt that it needed some tweaks and asked Joss Whedon to do this. However, extensive cuts were made to get the running time down and the last few days we’ve had some of this deleted footage mentioned including a scene involving two Green Lanterns. Additional sequences for Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and an action scene involving actress Kiersey Clemons, who was originally cast as a love interest for The Flash but ended up being entirely removed from the film, even leaked online.

DC fan Roberto Mara wants Snyder’s cut released with Tom Holkenborg’s score which ended up being replaced by one from Danny Elfman. His lengthy “letter” to Warner Bros. gets rather shouty, not to mention inaccurate – if he claims that Spider-Man was Elfman’s last decent score than he’s entitled to his opinion – but to say that he was fired from Spider-Man is wrong because that didn’t happen. Anyway, if you want to have a look, click the link below.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this does get released at some point. Whether it’ll improve the film is another matter, but at least it’ll have a more consistent tone and the story telling ought to flow a bit better.




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