Trailer Revealed For Zombie Comedy ZBURBS Starring Bill Oberst Jr

What happens when a woman’s husband is turned into the undead? You feed him bad people!

Greg Zekowski’s ZBurbs, starring Bill Oberst Jr. (“Criminal Minds”), Marieh Delfino (The Invitation), Gina Hecht (“Seinfeld”), Ian Alda (“Silicon Valley”), Carl Bressler (“Z Nation”) and many more, is staggering its way to Video-on-demand in just a few days.

Actor Bill Oberst Jr. plays Pick, a CIA agent who wants to take Shelly’s (Delfino) husband and turn him into a new governmental weapon. But, Shelly needs Bill (Alda) to take down her neighbours. Events turn into a fight over undead Bill in this brutal tug-of-war.

ZBurbs will be available on several digital platforms; on November 21st, ZBurbs will show through Video-on-demand platforms such as Amazon as well as home video nationwide.

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  1. Thanks HorrorCultFilms! I loved being a part of Greg Zekowski’s Z-BURBS. It came out even funnier than on the screen than it was on the page. A really fun project. I hope your readers like it.

    appreciating all you do for indie horror,

    Bill Oberst Jr.

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