The amount of Star Wars news going around is huge at the moment and, considering that out of all of us on HCF I liked The Last Jedi least [in fact I didn’t like it much at all], I really can’t be bothered to post it all. But it’s still quite slow on the news front, so I’m posting the news that Ewan McGregor apparently could, but only could, be returning to play Obi-Wan Kenobi. We’ve known for some time that Stephen Daldry will be directing a Kenobi spinoff film, and last Saturday a photograph of McGregor working out while sporting a very Kenobi-looking beard had fans speculating that perhaps the actor was gearing up for a Star Wars return. However, when asked about this at the Golden Globes on Sunday, he replied:

“There’s a lot of talk, and I’d be happy to play him again, but I don’t know anything more than you do”.

He also said that The Last Jedi was “really, really beautiful“. Well, if he wants to star in a Star Wars film he’s hardly going to say it’s rubbish is he?

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