Transmission soundtrack, by Nick Sutton, available now

Regular visitors to Horror Cult Films may remember me raving about the brilliant short Transmission, by Writing/ directing combo Varun Raman and Tom Hancock aka Parallel Madness. It was a bleak, dystopian headfuck of a film showing a Brexit inspired descent into madness and violence. And between well judged moments of delicate beauty it hits you like the boot, that Orwell cited the future to be, stamping repeatedly on your face. It gained plaudits around the festival circuit, including many award nominations, and made for a harrowing state of the nation experience.

If you were lucky enough to see it, or if you just like the sounds of it (pun intended), you may want to get your hands on the soundtrack. Put together and performed by the excellent Nick Sutton, a skilled electronic composer based in Bristol, this is a brilliant audio experience. Across 11 tracks it goes from the long, haunting notes in the main theme, through space rock that screeches like your worst hangover in The Screen, to simultaneously eerie and calming with The Beach. Before finishing in a weird and wonderful climax on B.M. Along the way there’s screaming white noise, chilling ambiance and a wide range of science fiction soundscapes. As per the best electro-classical soundtracks, like Requiem for A Dream, it’s maybe too harrowing to listen to casually. But then, as per Transmission, the uncompromising quality is part of its excellence. Needless to say it’d kill your party if it came on shuffle.

As both an accompaniment to the film, and a stand-alone piece of music, it’s well worth your time. Following a limited run on cassette (how cool is that?!) you can get your hands on the soundtrack in digital format, here via Burning Witches Records.

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