Arrow Video & Arrow Academy Titles Revealed For March 2018

Arrow Video is getting things started in March with Brian De Palma’s classic Hitchcockian psycho-thriller Raising Cain. Twisted, terrifying and overflowing with special features, this is a Blu-ray must-have. The creepiness continues with the Blu-ray release of the film adaptation of VC Andrews’ gothic chiller, Flowers in the Attic. Combining melodrama with undercurrents of child abuse and incest, this edition is packed with extras to satisfy even the most ardent fan of the film and novel. Also coming in March is a trio of the late George A. Romero’s lesser known works, with There’s Always Vanilla, Season of the Witch and The Crazies all coming individually to Blu-ray. Massively influencing the director’s later films such as Dawn of the Dead, each of these three is a must-watch for any Romero fan. Next up is a duo of iconic Spaghetti Westerns, with A Pistol for Ringo & The Return of Ringo: Two Films by Duccio Tessari heading to Blu-ray. Both films were huge influences on the Italian Western thanks to their stylish cinematography and skilled direction and are released here in beautiful brand new restorations. Last but not least is the Blu-ray release of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, newly restored with some out of this world special features.

Arrow Academy, meanwhile, begins March with the classic Western, Ramrod, from Andre DeToth – who has been acclaimed by both Tarantino and Scorsese. As well as a plot full of intrigue and violence, the film also features stunning turns from Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea, two of the biggest film stars of the 1940s. Arrow Academy’s second treat for cinephiles is Robert Altman’s masterpiece, Images, which deftly blends hallucination and reality to keep the audience as unsure as its tortured heroine – an award-winning turn by Susannah York. Last out of the Academy is Sacha Guitry: Four Films 1936-1938, showing off a quartet of films from the “Gallic Noël Coward”: The New Testament, My Father Was Right, Let’s Make A Dream… and Let’s Go Up the Champs-Élysées. The set comes with a selection of extras to give real insight into the films.

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