Even though not all of the results have set the box office alight, the big studios still seem to think that we all want to see prequels. The latest one about to be made is a Willy Wonka origin story which Warner Bros. intend to turn into a whole prequel franchise if the first film is a hit. Paddington‘s Paul King is to direct and The Secret Life Of Pets‘s Simon Rich is to script. There’s certainly the potential for expanding the world that Roald Dahl created, but do we really need or want this?


And in other Dahl movie news, Warner Bros. is also thought to have a new version of The Witches in the works with Guillermo Del Toro involved either as director or in some other capacity, though considering the huge number of projects Del Toro is continually linked to, I wouldn’t bet on the final film having his name anywhere on it. The older film version directed by Nicolas Roeg is one of my favourite Dahl movie adaptations, so I don’t think that we need this either –  but we shall see.

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