Latest Horror News: The new Michael Myers talks about Nick Castle’s role in new Halloween


With the countdown to the new long awaited Halloween sequel starting to gather, there has been some interesting news coming from actor/stuntman  James Jude Courtney who is taking over the iconic role of Michael Myers in the new film.

After news that Nick Castle the original (and the best) Michael is also reprising the role, how are the two going to split the role?  Will Castle be the most prominent and Courtney just doing the stunt work?  Well the surprise coming from Courtney is that Castle is nothing more than a cameo!  Yes, you read that right!

Here is what he said to Halloween Daily News!

David [Gordon Green] was really sensitive and generous when he said, ‘We’re inviting Nick Castle to come back to do a little work. Do you have a problem with that, because you’re the Michael Myers now?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my, Are you kidding? What an honor it would be, first of all to meet the guy, but secondly to work with him. How good does that get?’

So we started work, and I can’t remember if it was the second or third week that Nick came in and did kind of a cameo. He did a couple of scenes, and I’m in the scenes with him, which is really beautiful. He and I were hoping that would happen, because he even said, ‘This is the passing of the torch.’ We met with foreign journalists on the set, and Nick was so super gracious and just saying, ‘Look, I’ve come in to do a cameo. Jim is our Michael Myers now.’

Even though its come as a shock to find out that after such big news of Castle returning to the role only to find its a cameo, the interesting snippet to come from that interview is the fact Courtney says that he shares a scene with him!  What does that mean?  Some fans are speculating that we could be having two Myers, a notion that I find totally wrong and something that I very much doubt will happen.

Its most likely that Courtney will have a cameo himself as another character and the Castle will most likely appear after Myers is unmasked, mirroring the scene of the original.

Again though, this is just me speculating and we all have to wait when Halloween 2018 hits cinema’s on October 19th.

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