A remake of Maniac Cop was announced a few years ago, with Nicolas Winding Refn producing, Ed Brubaker writing and John Hyams directing. The most recent update on the project, however, didn’t seem good; the original’s writer, Larry Cohen, noted “it’s not happening anymore” last September. However, in a talk with ‘Birth.Movies.Death.’ Hyams assures that the remake very much still happening.

 “It’d seem like nothing’s happening, but actually quite a bit is happening with it. We’ve been working on it for a few years now, with some starts and stops. But it is going to happen. Right now, Nic Refn, our producer, who is an amazing filmmaker and a really great guy – he’s stuck by me this whole time and hasn’t let up, which I’m deeply thankful for and inspired by – is getting everything set. But between Ed Brubaker and myself, we are developing it, and it actually just took an interesting turn recently. This is all stuff I’m going to be able to talk about a little more in the coming months, but things are definitely coming together on it”.

The remake is set in the present, following a determined L.A. police officer who sets out to reveal the truth about the brutal murders of innocent people by one of her fellow cops.

Do we need a Maniac Cop remake? The original isn’t really any sort of classic [it’s been a while, but I remember preferring the first sequel], but its mixture of cop thriller, action movie and slasher film does work rather well and it’s certainly a bit of a cult favourite. We probably need this remake about as much as we need all these other remakes that keep being foisted on us.


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